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  • 4/23/13 - DEADLEVEL is a two piece CHICAGO based industrial / sludge band. Members JOHN FINALDI and JASON ZDORA have collaborated in numerous punk bands since 1997 including SUBURBAN REFUGEE, PRONOUNCED DEAD, KUNGFU RICK, CHRONIC BLEEDING SYNDROME, DESTROY THE FOUNDATION, and PIT OF SPIKES. "From Static and Misery" is DEADLEVEL'S 5 song debut release, spewing forth a maniacal blend of static, distortion, screams, drums, and guitars. The release is available digitally and on CASSETTE with DOWNLOAD CARD (LIMITED to 100!!!). HWC INC will donate all proceeds from this release to the two local causes we've decided to support this year: 826CHI and URBAN INITIATIVES.

    2/5/13 - As the new year begins so do the releases. HWC INC is proud to introduce the pop punk ball of noise by way of CHICAGO and MILWAUKEE who have appropriately named themselves GALACTIC CANNIBAL! The band's first release is a four track appetizer to a full length to come out later this year! The release titled "Demo Tape" is available via AMAZON, iTUNES, and SPOTIFY now!

    8/26/12 - Approximately a year and a few babies later the five BASEBALL HAT DONNING thrash unit known as CHICAGO THRASH ENSEMBLE is back in the batter's box with their second official release "Monsters of the Midwest". Released physically in 2011, HWC INC is now making the digital format of "Monsters of the Midwest" available to SPORT and METAL fans everywhere - even PACKER FANS. Deal oriented consumers take note...this release features SIX NEW TRACKS plus the SEVEN TRACKS from the band's 2010 "S/T" release! As well, cut out the MIDDLEWOMEN and purchase this release at significant discount via HWC Inc's ONLINE MUSICAL BLADDER known as BANDCAMP! The physical format of this release is available through PLASTIC AIRLINES.

    5/8/12 - WASTELANDERS latest release "Cosmic Despair" is now available in digital format!!! WASTELANDERS is a organ-centered drone solo project by DEAN COSTELLO of HARPOON, WINTERS IN OSAKA, and DIATRIBES. HWC INC will donate all proceeds from the release to the two local causes we've decided to support this year: WEST TOWN BIKES and ONE TAIL AT A TIME. The physical format is available through BASSES FREQUENCES.

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