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  • 8/9/16 - Long time friend of label Scott Thomson (ex - CHICAGO THRASH ENSEMBLE, IRON REMINDERS, LITTLEMAN COMPLEX, LETTERBOMBS, and WAYOUTS) is back with more music...this time in the form of a solo noise project titled BARREN COUPLES which we are super excited to release! BARREN COUPLES debut is a 4 song digital download also available on Thomson's label PLASTIC AIRLINES in cassette format (LIMITED to 50). We like to coin BARREN COUPLES collision of sounds as AMBIENT CHILL NOISE...the appropriate soundtrack for sitting alone in a dark basement while ignoring your family. Too harsh? Then don't listen to noise.

    3/14/16 - Its been in the works for AWHILE...but finally...on FRIDAY, MARCH 11th we released SORESPOT'S debut full length "SEWERAGE" on a LIMITED RUN of 100 cassettes w/ drop card included! SORESPOT is a Chicago 4-piece outputting a unique blend of noisy lo-fi alt punk. We love the record and hope you do as well! As always, 1/2 OF THE PROCEEDS for each of our releases go to local causes. In 2016 these causes are YOUNG CHICAGO AUTHORS and CHI PRC. The release is available for purchase on HWC INC BANDCAMP. Digital copies of the release can be found at most streaming and download vendors. Support LOCAL music and LOCAL causes!

    1/14/16 - A new year brings new shit. This time it's BAD MECHANICS... a lo-fi scatter-brain punk two piece from CHICAGO made up of former mbrs of GALACTIC CANNIBAL and HEWHOCORRUPTS. Think DEVO, NO MEANS NO, and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS and you'll probably get something close to BAD MECHANICS. BAD MECHANICS' debut is a four song demo tape w/ drop card appropriately titled "DEMO 2015". Listen to the release HERE. The tracks were recorded w/ engineer great PETE GROSSMAN at BRICKTOP in CHICAGO. The release is LIMITED TO 100 CASSETTES and as always...proceeds will benefit two CHICAGO non-profits selected annually. Digital copies of the release can be found at most streaming and download vendors.

    8/3/15 - Over the past few years, experimental musician Peter J. Woods and percussionist Ryan Bollis have collaborated in a number of diverse settings, ranging from GALACTIC CANNIBAL's straight ahead pop punk roar to the aptly titled PETER J. WOODS FREE JAZZ ENSEMBLE. Through MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE, the two Milwaukee musicians fully explore their individual influences within the heavy hitting duo. The group effortlessly melds sludge, black metal, harsh noise and early-90s noise rock to create this terrifying aural assault. On their debut LIMITED TO 100 CASSETTES album "CAUSTIC SURGE OF WEARY OCEANS" the group showcases all aspects of their work within this relatively short 40 minute cassette. Sparse howled vocals, heavy drumming, thick riffs, and aggro noise blasts sprawl across the release with a reckless abandon, all the while wearing their influences (whether that be the industrial carnage of SWANS or the horrifying works of HAROLD PINTER) on their sleeve. This is nightmare fuel for those who keep their eyes open. Digital copies of the release can be found at most streaming and download vendors.

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