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    "Dead Living" 7" / Dropcard

    Release Date: 6/10/08
    Track Listing:

    1. Dead Living
    2. Spittin' Blood
    "The new Parsley Flakes single is going for five bucks on the Hewhocorrupts site, which works out to around a dollar per minute of music. Normally that'd be a terrible ratio—most seven-inches frankly can't justify their price—but for what you're getting here it's a steal, even if you don't score one of the 100 copies pressed on what the label's calling "Ecto-Cooler green" vinyl. "Dead Living" is a two-and-a-half-minute epic, a manic, riot-worthy synth-punk anthem that can make you want to put your fist in the air even if you're listening on headphones at your desk. And the band makes it happen with nothing but boy-girl vocals, tinny drum machine, and overdriven keyboard—it's like the B-52s were kidnapped by crusties."
    Chicago Reader

    "Pretty much some power-pop keyboard punk. More on the melodic side, though. I don't really dig keyboards most of the time, but this totally put me in Breakfast Club dance-party-in-the-library mode… You know that dance that Molly Ringwald does that's almost skanking but totally not at all? And maybe a little bit messier than that, with some headbanging or something. I like "Dead Living" better than "Spittin Blood" because it feels more desperate, and I always like things that sound like running away in a junker car through a desert. Driving beats, square waves, those kind of processed-sounding lady vocals that remind me of FUZZBOX, but not as high pitched and bubbly. Both songs have some breakdown near the end that is real chaotic, with everyone sputtering out different lines. Decent times."

    "I have to admit this listing caught my eye right away....a three piece synth punk band? Where do I sign up? But they can be likened to the b-52's? Hmmmm, well maybe they had their moments in the early early days I guess? I can kind of get the punky Devo feel minus the ridiculous vocals. Dead Living blows out this clean distorted synth chord and there's actually silence in between notes...no tape hiss, no feedback, it's a welcome relief from all the noise and lo-fi I've been obsessed with lately. It's sounding like BYOP a little with the yelling choruses but slightly distorted vocals, and layered guy/girl speed yelling. Handclaps are back, and there's a backing fuzzed out guitar which is working with this frantic but still melodic punk happening, especially in the breakdown, rapid fire acapella old school. It's very produced, really slick for the energy and near chaos....It's Chicago's answer to Brooklyn art/synth/punk for sure. But I hate the name, it really doesn't make any sense with this sound, I was half expecting some kind of MV + EE action here, hippie shit...but maybe that's the point. I don't know, I still don't get it.."
    Seven Inches

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