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    "Feculent Emesis" 7" / Dropcard

    Release Date: 4/8/08
    Track Listing:

    1. Victims of Policy
    2. Aversion to Diversion (Crossover Plagiarism)
    3. Pimpin' Ain't Easy
    4. Strong Arm Robbery
    5. Feed Us Fetus
    "First I'd like to point out that this record has a picture of a priest having his eyes gouged out by ravens. With that, Rager (which is a fucking sweet name) is already ahead of the game. Second, I knew what feculent meant, but no idea what the fuck an emesis was. A quick look in my dictionary tells me it's the action or process of vomiting. Awesome. Without even listening to this thing, I'm already in. Rager sounds kind of what you'd expect a band called Rager who puts out a record with a priest getting attacked by a murder of ravens titled "Feculent Emesis" sounds like. That is to say, it's killer thrash that kicks you in the teeth over and over again. Normally there's not a lot to say about a band like this. They either execute it well (Rager does) or they don't; you like this kind of thing (I do) or you don't. It's pretty simple. That being said, the thing I appreciate the most about this record is the fact that once you hear the "woah woah" in the first chorus, you realize that it could have only come from a Chicago band (though they've subsequently moved to Richmond, VA). For people not native to the area, Chicago has some rich, underground musical traditions: post-rock (see Tortoise, Shellac, etc), punk rock (see Naked Raygun and their contemporaries, the millions of bands that followed), crazy jazz (see all of the circles revolving around Ken Vandermark and the Chicago Underground), balls-out hardcore thrash (see Los Crudos and again, a million other bands) and a bunch of shit that I don't care about. Now Rager keys into the punk side of things (specifically the mid-90s: bands like Rustweiler, the Mushuganas, Tricky Dick, etc) as well as a long history of sweet hardcore bands (what we called them before the word "thrash" was resurrected; to me it most resembles the early Charles Bronson material, which was informed by the same shit the bands in the last parenthetical aside were). I don't know if Rager would personally cite these influences or if it's an osmosis kind of thing from being around Chicago, but Feculent Emesis recalls a time pre-Myspace when different parts of the country had their own regional musical identity, and that makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Check it out.
    I'm the Most Important Fucking Person in the World

    "A witty, co-ed, power-thrash band is a dangerous weapon in my mind. If the people of the world shared my brain, Rager would be appointed to the position of all-things-awesome. But let's be serious for a moment—if the idea of a politically charged, church-hating, smart band that can bring the crucial, often melodic, female and male vocaled, thrashin' hardcore punk makes your day; Rager is the 7" to go with."

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