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"Microeconomics" CDEP

Release Date: 9/5/06
Track Listing:

  1. Introductory Offer
  2. Where's the F'n Ball?
  3. Just So We're on the Same Page
  4. Hands Off My Dow Jones
  5. You Dropped the Ball...
  6. The Ball is in Your Court
  7. Last of the Financial Statements
  8. Maybe You Should Grow Balls
"While they’ve tackled bigger concepts over the length of an EP (see 2003’s lawsuit-begging Metallica spoof Master of Profits), Chicago grindcore piss-takers Hewhocorrupts have really outdone themselves with this one. Packaged in a Velcro wallet, complete with a track listing disguised as an expensable lunch receipt, Microeconomics is the ultimate realization of HWC’s ironic tackling of hardcore-scene-as-business-model. Assuming it actually plays for you—brilliantly cut into a 3-inch “HeWhoExpress” card, the rectangular CD will kill any system that isn’t tray-loading—Microeconomics holds about seven minutes’ worth of brutal, mathy pummeling that’s equal parts S.O.D. (minus the knuckle-dragging) and Discordance Axis (minus the paradigm-shattering). Of course, since HWC are giving the music away via MySpace—way to embrace viral marketing, gentlemen!—the only real reason to own this thing is for a conversation piece."

"Straight up, Hewhocorrupts is pretty much a jokey nü-grind/hardcore band, but with so many tongue-in-cheek elements going on it's easily appreciated. Granted, it's really hard to take all their intensity so seriously, but it's a whole lot of fun. The real story with Microeconomics however is its mind-boggling packaging. While I didn't receive the business card as promised in the description, I did get everything else: wallet-sized band photos in the booklet laminate, a "receipt" with the track listing, lyrics and EP info, and my HEWHOEXPRESS Business Platinum Card (the actual CD shaped as a credit card), all in a Velcro wallet, the kind you probably owned when you were in elementary school. This is all pretty amazing to own, but how is the actual music inside? Kind of fucking hilarious, actually. After an introduction track explaining the benefits of my new platinum card in which the announcer's voice speeds up into unintelligible legal rambling, things get t0taLly br00taL, as I'm sure the band would like to stress with alternating caps. The standout tracks definitely all appear in the second half, though: "You Dropped the Ball..." with its tough guy posturing ("You stupid fucking imbecile / I hate your fucking face / I hate your cat / I hate your dog / I rest my fucking case / Go dig a hole / Shoot yourself / Go get fucked"), "Last of the Financial Statements" with its sporadic samples of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock's "It Takes Two" ("Hit it!"), and "Maybe You Should Grow Balls," which samples the "he kicked 'im in the penis!" meme. With song titles either mentioning corporate references or balls, Hewhocorrupts isn't messing aro--okay, who am I kidding, of course they're messing around. Microeconomics is unquestionably teeming with some novelty value, but that's sort of what makes it so likeable. Oh yeah, you can download the whole sub five-minute deal below, since I'm pretty sure it's now sold out."

"I'm gonna cut right to the chase on this review. I'd first off like to say, that these guys are insane and creative. I mean honestly who thinks of making a CD into a credit card and then selling it inside of a wallet? This album alone made my day just because of it's packaging and contents. For a tracklisting and a lyrics page, you have a copy of what looks to be an old receipt, and as a way to warn you that you will indeed fuck up your car stereo by putting this CD into your car, what better way to put it then from some hooker's point of view? Now honestly I don't know if this person is fictional or even if it really was a hooker, but with sexual suggestion in the fore-warning, I think it's safe to say i've got the right idea. Now on to the album's actual contents. Although extremely short-lived with an over-all time of 4 minutes and 30 seconds, Hewhocorrupts has put together a funny, creative and raw sounding grind album. As one of Chicago's bigger names in Grind, this band has been extending their limits to new levels, musically and creatively. Examples of this are obvious simply in the album's casing, but the fact that somebody made the length of 1 track into an 8 track CD is somewhat hysterical. With lyrics that are positively negetive and don't really make sense half the time, it's safe to say you'll see them sporting the brackets in their myspace name very shortly ([ppc]). Their opening introduction is pretty funny in itself because it seriously sounds like the start of an infomercial or even some really annoying popup. and in another track with lyrics such as "You Dropped the Ball You stupid fucking imbecile, I hate your fucking face,Ihate your cat I Hate your Dog. I rest my fucking case. Go dig a hole. Shoot yourself. Go get fucked." You can't help to find this song infectiously catchy. Although this album isn't the most technical sounding grind CD of the year, it's definately the year's most unique. I honestly can see people buying this album even if they don't like the band, just for how cool the packaging and everything is. I personally am planning on using the wallet with all of it's contents still in tact. Oh and for the record, in writing this review, i've listened to this album 3 and a half times. Basically buy the damn record now, because it's cool looking, and fun. If you like rap music then this album is for you, the lyrics are just as violent except it's more straight forward without all of the stupid ass made up words."
Skyline Press

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