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    "May You Only See Sky" CDEP

    Release Date: 4/18/06
    Track Listing:

    1. Get Your Knives Sharpened (For The Holidays)
    2. Back To The Future Pt. 4 (Back To The Future Pt. 2 Again)
    3. Misplaced Mortar Gag #2
    4. I Swear I've Been To This AutoZone Before
    5. If I Were A Snake I'd Be A Belt By Now
    "Avant-metal wrecking crew whose lineage includes members of La Mantra De Fhiqria, Dakota/Dakota, and Russian Circles. Though it skirts Swedish metal's edges, there's something fresh, ugly and American about Sky's angular, deadly metal(core). If you like your math-rock with bloody, dripping teeth, it rarely gets better than this band's debut EP."
    Alternative Press

    "Like a mudslide of gravel and chainsaws May You Only See Sky startled me out of my laconic stupor of Electro beats and Hip Hop rhymes. Refreshing like that moment of breathlessness after a hard punch to the gut I welcomed the change to my aural diet because I’m soft. Wolf & Cub remind me, in their not so gentle way, “that it’s still cool to fucking headbang.” With tight rhythms, cascading modes, and rapidly shifting tempos Wolf & Cub provide tongue in cheek titles like “I Swear I’ve Been To This AutoZone Before” to wrap their songs in. Their music reminds me of a throwback to the heydays of metal in the 80’s, the sort of music that my friends and I would fire up before hitting the storm sewers on our skateboards. Their music blends a double-time grind where the guitar licks will occasionally soar out from the buzzing swooping on angular melodies like they do on “If I Were A Snake I’d Be A Belt By Now” accompanied by crisp drum work. May You Only See Sky is rapid fire, with its five blistering tracks coming in under nineteen minutes. If you like your metal less glam and more muscle or enjoy a good kick to the kidney’s now and then than this release is for you. It is a great flash back to my testosterone fueled days of youth, leaving me invigorated to tackle my wage slave days under fluorescent lighting."
    Candied Pop

    "Picture this: a rabid Pantera fan discovers that he has the ability to fly like a superhero. The first thing he does is zip around the planet like Christopher Reeve in Superman so as to create an organic time machine that takes the world back to when Dimebag Darrell was alive and the members of Pantera got along and barbequed without conflict. However, for the purposes of this bit of fiction, assume that our flying hero is a native of Houston (recently crowned North America’s most obese city by Men’s Fitness magazine) in really poor physical condition and unable to circumnavigate the globe enough times in order to get back to the Vulgar Display of Power days. Instead, Dimebag finds himself in downtown Seattle the day after Botch’s final show, right after guitarist Dave Knudson takes off for Minus the Bear. The rest of the Botch guys decide to draft the stranded Dimebag into the band. (Anselmo spent all his scratch scoring lappers at Vinnie Paul’s strip club and didn’t have any cash left for Dime’s plane ticket home.) Dime playing in Botch is what this Chicago-area band sounds like: headfirst, driving thrash metal mixed with the swirling angularity of oddball time signatures and precarious arcade game guitar riffs, creating some near-classic moments like “I Swear I’ve Been to This Autozone Before” and “If I Were a Snake I’d Be a Belt by Now,” but with the same lack of songwriting focus you’d expect from a pair of clashing talents. Cue the inevitable double-reunion gig and nine-dude “Fucking Hostile Mondrian Was a Liar” medley."

    "Hot on the heels of the announcement of their plans to put on the “Interruptions in Corporate Quality” Festival to benefit Punk Planet, Hewhocorrupts, Inc. drops the most crushing of albums directly in my lap. (Lone) Wolf & Cub came about a couple years ago after the demise of one of my favorite Chicago hardcore bands, La Mantra De Fhiqria. The goal? Take the passion and intensity of LMDF and run it through a razor blade riddled blender. After a few line-up changes (including ex-members of Dakota/Dakota and current members of Russian Circles, as well as the return of former LMDF drummer, Rocky), the band got to work finishing up this debut EP. Over the years, metal has undergone a huge transformation, barely resembling the sounds that filled my ears throughout junior high. Gone is the over-the-top posing and in it’s wake remains only the most intense, frazzled hair, sweat dripping shredders, soon to be lead by the mighty (Lone) Wolf & Cub. Don’t believe. Take a listen for yourself. Hyperbole is for the weak, (Lone) Wolf & Cub is for fucking real."

    "True to the nature of any trans-national media conglomerate, Hewhocorrupts Inc., the industry venture of the band that goes by the same name (unincorporated, for now), is looking to increase its market share and take over the DIY world, business styles. (Lone) Wolf and Cub contrast a metalcore take on all things harmonised and Swedish, incorporating the mighty melodicisms of bands like At the Gates with elements of “techs-pertise” and “moshtastic” breakdowns continuously making appearances. There are also slight undertones of Drowning Man and screamo-inspired rage, giving what could have been very boring mimicry a modern edge. While the music is purely metal, the vocals lend themselves to an older hardcore interpretation, choosing the higher pitched end of the spectrum, with the occasional low accenting growl, for the delivery. Their strength lies in this ability to combine a variety of influences without sounding out of place or contrived. If this is what we can expect from expanding corporate hegemony, maybe there is still hope for ruthless, cutthroat capitalism."

    "With its debut EP, May You Only See Sky, (Lone) Wolf & Cub wants you to forget about recent mainstream metal and screamo and come back to the darker side. This band excels at blending most of the metal sub-genres with a little post hardcore, no doubt a holdover from some of the member's past bands (Dakota/Dakota, The Ghost). As interesting as it is fierce, (L)W&C is well on its way to its goal of "torching all new school metal posers".
    Illinois Entertainer

    "Finally! A band whose name makes sense! Like the Samurai with the baby cart full of weapons who provided the group their name sake (Lone) Wolf and Cub saunter up to the metal battlefield unleashing death upon those who get in their way. Each blast of furious riffing and thrashing drums feels like its own personal battle, the perfect sound track to a sword fight. While I doubt the band intended for their name to affect the music, I took out one of my Lone Wolf and Cub (it was Baby Cart in Hell) dvd’s, muted it and played the band over the battle scenes. I’ll be damned if it didn’t fit perfectly. This is one tech-metal band that doesn’t let the tech get in the way of a good song. This reminds me so much of older Drowning Man that it’s kind of scary. From the constantly changing guttural screams and shouts, to the evil dance of doom played out by the band itself, the elements are all there. This album is positively awesome. Get this and blast it at your next sword fight."
    Mammoth Press

    "A very good EP I have on my dirty hands right now; This is actually the first time I ever hear this band, it doesn't matter, the first impression was amazing to tell you the truth. "May You Only See Sky" attacks the listener with Crust-Grind with an intense Hardcore undertone here and there; yeah most people won't be interested in this as noisy music kills their eardrums, the rest of us who like rough things with bloody throats and violent structures will add this band in our yellow pages for further references. (Lone) Wolf & Cub presented a simplistic yet interesting offering, this might not be the world's most original Grinding piece, though it's very entertaining and it fits with the aggressive profile that most of the Converge followers are currently looking for. The music even surprises the listener with a couple of guitar-leads and incredibly catchy riffs, some clean vocals and a couple of melodious hooks here and there. As you can see this is an orgy of "X"-Core genres, the result is promising and that's what matters. This EP could be a great way for us to know this band, I'm not sure if they already released something else (probably they did, just check the year of release of this piece) so let's dig in the shelves, we will probably find something as good as this."
    Metal Storm

    "There's something incredibly satisfying about this. From the very metal cover art to the doomy bass and charging guitars on disc inside, 'May You Only See Sky' is a mud and blood-splattered treat. There is some finesse, mostly down to the fact the Wolf's guitar duo can really shred. But, and it's a fantastically mucky one, they never keep their heads down long enough to lock into any old groove. 'I Swear Ive Been To This Autozone Before' would be the best thing At The Gates never wrote if it wasn't too busy cramming in mathy breakdowns and man-on-the-run screams. It's like Darkest Hour without the patience or Pantera playing punk rock. In a good way. This is a record that sounds better the louder you crank it. At top volume though it might just be the soundtrack to getting chased by wild animals, whether its a lone wolf or a whole friggin' pack."
    Moderate Rock

    "If you’re one of the many people who are annoyed by how sissified metal has gotten in the last few years, this is the CD for you. No lengthy dirges set as backdrops for whiny lyrics about how the singer’s parents didn’t love him enough here. (Lone) Wolf & Cub creates soundscapes out of guitar wank, heavy riffs, and oodles of time signature changes that rival classic metal. Like the famous Japanese comic from which they take their name—the one about a ronin samurai who travels the countryside with his small child and a babycart packed with weaponry—this Chicago hardcore band manages to find bits of tranquility within the violence and chaos, and song titles like “I Swear I’ve Been to This AutoZone Before” show they have a sense of humor, as well. The songs are uniformly strong, the instrumentation skilled. Now if only they could find a setting for their singer other than “unintelligible, throat-damaging scream,” then we’d really be in business."

    "Metal can get too serious at times: either with the costumes some bands wear or just the content of the lyrics. Here is a band that the music sounds serious and is tough as nails, but they have a sense of humor. Titles like "I swear I've been to This Autozone Before" and "If I Were a Snake I'd be a Belt By Now." That is funny to me. By looking at the titles alone, I thought this band was going to be pop punk or something else that would be silly. But what came through the speakers was some heavy shit: heavy Black Sabbath riffage mixed together with some up-tempo poundage. There are points that remind me of Iron Maiden with the dual guitar attack. Add those ingredients with some black metal and the description might be close. Now bang thy head."

    "Wow. I'm a bit lost for words here. I was clueless what to expect from a group called 'Lone Wolf and Cub' with an album title like May You Only See Sky. Much to my surprise Lone Wolf and Cub actually play very progressive post-hardcore, drawing strongly from melodic death metal, post-thrash and hardcore. Unlike a lot of groups playing melodic death on the more metalcore side of things, these guys can: 1.)churn out some great riffs, showing flashes of impressive musicianship 2.)inject their music with a startling amount of venom and passion 3.)demonstrate some very impressive song writing and structuring skills in their arrangements. As far as I'm concerned, that already places them on top of the pile in an over saturated scene full of soulless hot topic clones and terrible At The Gates / Hatebreed / The Haunted impersonators. It was actually strange being confronted with such an abrasive and aggressive vocal style - I'm used to groups adopting melodic death metal elements to water down the abrasiveness of the music, not conduce it. The riffing and structures themselves are anything but generic and derivative. There are a few clean/acoustic guitar passages that actually fit in extremely well with the overall flow of songs, rather than following the common line of thought which seems to be 'I know! We'll just throw in an acoustic guitar intro for no apparent reason! See, we're eclectic!'. This was an extremely very impressive EP - I rarely do anything but bag new metalcore and melodic death acts, but there guys are really something else. The EP is only five tracks long, but last around nineteen minutes. Clearly a lot of time and thought has gone into the development of these songs - and that really becomes apparent after a few spins. If you are a fan of melodic death metal, more modern hardcore or even metalcore I urge you to give these guys a listen. I can almost guarantee you will be impressed. Definitely not another generic band simply adding 2 parts metalcore to 1 part melodic death metal. Check them out at their MySpace page - www.myspace.com/wolfncub - or on their record label, He Who Corrupts Inc - www.hewhocorrupts.com/wolfandcub/"

    "It smells after borealen needle forests, hard working men in schweißigen lumberjack shirts and dog dirt at the boot. The Soundtrack in addition consists of branch pure Metal, refines with a pinch Hardcore. At least cable envoys are removed MTVIVA measures hype and would-be-Poser kilometer. (LONE) WOLF & the reincarnations of the "cheek to the roots" thought are CAB. They go snatch up this train sovereign between strongest Metal, aggressive Vocals and a frickeligen Verspieltheit that there quite all too rarely is in the Metal. Paid attention. (LONE) WOLF & CUB to the half out of LA MANTRA DE FHIQRIA emerged, whose D. I. Y. To regain Underground HC ethics (YAPHET KOTTO, REVERSAL OF ONE, COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN, MY LICE) also on "May You Only lake Sky" is. The other part volume knocked lost provide end DAKOTA/DAKOTA thereto, that for that instrumental elements. Incidentally is to be mentioned that that is not wölfische remainder of the DAKOTA/DAKOTA parliamentary group now in a Hippie Jam volume underway. Jolly. (LONE) WOLF & CUB a type declaration of war against the total News create to start it School Metal Poser community. Why actually not. Good idea. Arrives. Nevertheless one wishes for more long would last secretly, this EP a couple of minutes. Good 19 minutes of rich really not from. Therefore boy, more of them. Fans of BOTCH, above named volume and lost should PANTERA immediately this fine piece of orders. There no more way leads however really past. "

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