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    "Live & Learn" CDEP

    Release Date: 4/12/05
    Track Listing:

    1. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is Everything
    2. Follow Your Nose
    3. High Life
    4. Need For Speed
    5. Out Of Stomach, Out Of Mind
    6. You're Killing Me Smalls
    "The nice thing about this cd is that it is a little over ten minutes long. I would call this pretty standard emo/screamo crap. This band will never release a ten year retrospective. There will never be a tribute album of this band released. This band will make about as much impact as a bum begging for change in Seattle Center or a sunny day in southern California. No one will notice and no one will ever really care. They have nothing new to offer and two seconds after you hear this cd you won't be able to remember a single element of any song. The band is nothing, the band has nothing, and they are worth nothing. Hmmm? How can I go into more detail? When I was trying to find out what other people said about this band I slapped their name into Google. The top of the results said "Did you mean Not GOOD enough". I found that funny, because it should have been the name of the band. Ok, the band does have some good energy to their song writing. A few parts do have a good punch to them. Lyrically though the band uses every cliche they can. The vocals are about as boring as it gets. Flat and empty of any life. The guitar parts are re-hashed copies of what has already been done by Hope Conspiracy, Cable, Suicide File, and Give Up The Ghost...and just as boring. To further drag the band through the sewer, let me mention that the E.P. features guest vocals from Fall Out Boy ( Island / Def Jam) bass player Pete Wentz, The Killer's Luke Gray ("Out Of Stomach, Out Of Mind") and Plan Of Attack guitarist / SidexWalk vocalist Ryan Wilson ("Follow Your Nose"). This thing is everything that is wrong with what was once a Hardcore scene. The sad thing is, that this crap has been allowed to stay around so long that there are kids who think this is what hardcore is. They have no clue about bands like Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, The Exploited, or any of the other true hardcore greats. Please do your part to help Hardcore and ignore this band at all costs. If they play your town...don't go! Even if a friend's band is playing the show, do not support it! Do not do anything that might be misconstrued as showing support for this atrocity. Maybe if we can get them to fail hard enough they will go away and real Hardcore will come back? We can only dream."
    Abrasive Rock

    "I don’t receive too-much punk influenced music anymore, so I was really looking forward to checking this album out. I was not disappointed. Not Enough Gold delivers some hardcore punk-influenced metal and delivers it well. The harsh punk/thrash vocals blend well with the mix of metal riffs and punk drum beats. Everything is of respectable quality (from the press kit to the actual production of the CD). It is a shame that the EP isn’t longer. Hopefully a full-length is in the works."
    Adrenalin Fanzine

    "Not bad at all. Six quick tracks of extremely varied hardcore with yelling/screaming vocals from Chicago in barely over 10 minutes. The vocals are a little "hip" sounding, but not too far gone, and since the music is really energetic and to my liking it doesn't bother me at all. "The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me is Everything" opens up and blows through everything from rock and heavy hardcore to some brilliant post-hardcore textures; "Follow Your Nose" is more of a straightforward metallic hardcore tune that still flirts with punchy melody; "High Life" is total pop-punk complete with octave chords and zippy palm-muting rhythms that shift into some full blown rock ‘n' roll; "Need for Speed" is a bit chunkier but not without its melodic moments or rocked out bursts; "Out of Stomach, Out of Mind" is a little more energetic and includes some heavy breakdowns and vicious backup shouts; and "You're Killing Me Smalls" is another more traditionally based hardcore song – probably the most streamlined of the entire disc as far as its palette of influences is concerned. Amongst the guest vocal contributors are members of bands like Fall Out Boy and The Killer, which is both a testament to Not Enough Gold's diversity as well as what would suggest an impressively unified scene in the Chicago area. The recording is a little muffled, but the mix is pretty even and it sounds decent enough to work out. I'd like to hear things given a little more brightness and clarity, but for the most part it's alright as is. The vocals sound solid, the rhythm section is basically in place, etc. The layout looks good to me and uses mostly images of dingy walls and nasty textures, with the lyrics presented in crisp text in artistically jumbled arrangements. Sadly, the lyrics are atrocious, what with lines like, "Get real, and wipe the smile off your dick," or, "I grab the mic… that's what you like, You shoot the shit and you're a fucking hit." What the hell is that shit all about, anyway? I like this CD otherwise. I really like it, actually. I certainly wish the lyrics were a little more creative in their use of sarcasm or whatever, but the songs kick ass, so I'll really be looking forward to hearing more from this band. They definitely have the means in place to blow me away in the future, so here's to hoping that they pull it off sometime. I wish this fucker had a handful more songs on it!"

    "Chicago based Not Enough Gold are a hardcore band rapidly rising out of the local underground scene. The Live & Learn is their debut release and has been getting them lots of attention since its release on local indie label He Who Corrupts, Inc. The album contains guest vocals by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Luke Gray (The Killer). The music itself is furious paced hardcore similar to bands like Hope Conspiracy. The album was produced by Jon Alvin at Big Gold Studios and mastered by John Golden in California. Some standout tracks are “High Life” and the catchy “Out Of Stomach, Out of Mind”. Look for them on tour this summer or for more information check out www.notenoughgold.com."

    "Chicago scenesters had enough of smalltime bands to form something a little different from the rest. It's hardcore... well metallic hardcore, but it bursts into these sweet stoner rock parts, or rock-anthem-inspired guitar licks (and solos) that add so well to these songs. All six tracks are great for lovers of a heavier Glasspack, later Cable, Terra Firma, Orange Goblin or even Seven Gone. Still, NEG has a sound all their own. All I can say, is I really think this band will mature and give the hardcore scene a shakeup it hasn't seen since the first Quicksand 7". Nice layout, but the look of the 5"-as-3" disc / artwork always win me over. Nice touch to an already to notch release."
    Feast of Hate and Fear

    "Before Big Business may scoop them up and attempt to turn them into cartoonish mall rats, you can listen to Not Enough Gold and hear legitimately gritty street punk on steroids. These young, virile Chicagoians possess primal instincts embodied in their six-song debut. Swarming guitars buzz on high octane and vulgar melody. Drummer Dave Cronin does his best impersonation of Animal from “The Muppets.” Other tracks on the disc, identifying as much with raging hardcore as ambuscading punk, bring about air-guitar goodness and speed-chasing breakdowns. Fringe metal dynamos like Not Enough Gold bode well for the burgeoning Chicago underground. For now, it’s still a fiery expression, driven by love and not money."
    Journal Review

    "Not Enough Gold's new release, Live & Learn, has a quality that I really enjoy even though I'm not exceptionally fond of the music. All six short songs on this release have a common sound, giving the EP continuity, but each song also has a certain part that definitely sets it apart from the other songs. The listener doesn't feel like he or she is listening to the same song over and over again, and it also doesn't sound like a new band every other song. The sound that holds this EP together is fast, hardcore punk, with some vicious screaming, which reminds me of Wes from American Nightmare. This a pissed off record, though I'm not really sure what these guys are pissed about. The lyrics are a bit too sassy and sarcastic for my tastes, so I can't get a handle on what any song is about. There are bits of drug references in the lyrics, so maybe they're all just high. Either way, I don't suppose it matters. Like I said, each song has a slightly different flair that makes this somewhat of an interesting listen. The first track incorporates some classic rock and stoner influences, which reminds me a bit of Akimbo. The second track is more a straightforward hardcore song, with a slight old-school feel to it, and it's executed quite well. The third track has a much more melodic feel to it. It is almost a pop-punk sound, but then these guys break it down into some blues-influenced rock, mixed with their hardcore sound. This more rock and roll sound is heard in the fourth track (which is quite short) as well, yet this song is much more tough sounding, and is closer to a more modern hardcore sound. The fifth track is a more mid-tempo song, with a much tougher sound, and is probably the hardest hitting on the EP. It also features some guest vocals, which are much deeper. Finally, the last track has that "hardcore anthem" type feel to it, and is along the same lines as the second track, but this song has a bit more "chug" to it. The production for Live & Learn is decent, but could be a bit better. The bass seems to get buried in the mix, and some of the drum tones are kind of flat. Other than that, it gets the job done. Bottom Line: I could understand why lots of kids would get into this EP. It's energetic, pissed, and dynamic. If you like stuff like old American Nightmare, and Carry On, with more dynamics and some rock and roll, you should check out Not Enough Gold."

    "Give Up The Ghost is dead! Long live Give Up The Ghost. Yes, GUTG is still a pretty popular band. The proof? Not Enough Gold. This Chicago-based outfit rips through six songs on this EP that are slightly inspired by the late band formerly known as American Nightmare. But they are not a shameless copy, thank god. There are also references to the Hope Conspiracy and The Suicide File. Although the recordings could be better (read: rougher), this is a pretty nice "Hello, we are Not Enough Gold. Pleased to meet you, wait for a full length"."
    Munchkin Music

    "Melodic, catchy, firmly "Generation Y," hardcore unit out of Chicago. I might be just a few years too old to really find this stuff 100 percent vital, but it has its merits, for sure. The boys infuse your basic neo-hardcore formula-play four fast power chord, blast, scream your guts out, and then hit the breakdown-with some nice '70s punk n' roll guitar raunch. The six cuts are all really catchy, so I'm sure the high school crowd will LOVE this stuff. It's just rebellious sounding enough to make the kiddies feel tuff, but buffed and polished enough to appeal to the more, shall we say, "tender" aesthetic sensibilities of those members of the listening public who may find the work of current killer hardcore bands like Siege of Hate or Venomous Concept too harsh. I suppose Not Enough Gold is comparable to a heavier version of Fall Out Boy, if you need that sort of reference. Actually Pete Wentz, of the aforementioned mall punk up-and-comers, makes a guest vocal appearance on one of the cuts. So maybe we should all get ready for a heavy rotation Not Enough Gold buzz clip, huh? I don't know. Something tells me these boys harbor some good old anti-corporate, "We're not gonna' sell out, maaaaannnn!!!" idealism to 'em. But, in this day and age, you never can tell."
    Punk Planet

    "As a relatively unknown group out of Chicago, Illinois, Not Enough Gold has managed to release a rather well- known demo which managed to land them a couple of successful national tours. Featuring such legendary Chicago groups as Hewhocorrupts and Dead To Fall on their record release show, Not Enough Gold was also fortunate enough to have Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Luke Grey of The Killer to lend some back up vocals. Over all, “The Live And Learn EP” is an excellently recorded piece with a great sound. Attention was obviously given to the minute details of this album allowing all sixth tracks to sound near perfect. Each guitar riff, ranging from the hardcore influences all the way to the poppy, is easily distinguishable and at an appropriate level above the drums, something many bands have a hard time accomplishing even with a professional recording. Opening with a rather unexpected, but well- sounding, guitar solo in “The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is Everything,” vocalist Ben Phillips work is a range of highs and lows with some scratchiness thrown in. Featuring the humorous and somewhat perpetuating lyrical choice of, “Tell me something I don’t know…that I haven’t heard. Get real and wipe that fucking smile off your dick,” I’m already in love with this EP. With a blend of hardcore, metal, and pop mixed together to form a rather unique, and not shitty sound, Not Enough Gold’s latest effort is one that takes time to grow on you. After around four to five listens I could finally appreciate the talent these guys had; I was expecting an album to the likes of their demo but I am certainly glad “The Live And Learn EP” came out how it did. “Need For Speed” uses a classic, well sounding hardcore riff mixed with the metal fretting to give Not Enough Gold a unique sound that many groups have failed, miserably, to produce. With deeper backup vocals complimenting those of Ben, there is a dead even tie between “Out Of Stomach, Out Of Mind” and “You’re Killing Me Smalls” for the best track. With a rather chaotic design featuring a conglomeration of photos, the extra mile Not Enough Gold and Hewhocorrupts, Inc. went on this release proved to be well worth it. Featuring a clear disc which is printed to compliment the artwork of the album, I feel this really causes “The Live And Learn EP” to stand out. Although they play a genre of music which is watered down by poppy Comeback Kid rip off groups, Not Enough Gold has taken it a step above and tossed in a little more self worth/ talent to produce something truly great."
    Red Season

    "Not Enough Gold is the new creature from the Chicago based label HeWhoCorrupts. This "Live & Learn" EP is the union point of Boston Hc with N.Y. old' school one. Screams, throat, fast percussion, metal guitar riffs and a lot a lot of Angry are the essential elemets of this record. Lyrics to suggest: "Follow Your Nose", "High Life" and "Out of Stomach, Out of Mind" . One more detail to guarantee this release it's the backup vocals composed by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy and Luke Gray from the Killer. Com'on Macho-men check it out!!!"
    San Martin

    "When hardcore kids decide what to listen to they make very precise choices on who is good and who is bad, which CD to buy and which not to, and so on. As a band you have to know what your doing. You have to be able to appeal to a large number of people and keep a hardcore sound. Myself and hardcore fans from all over can agree that Not Enough Gold is one of these bands. Their first release is locked and loaded full of raw hardcore power. Like surprise attacks on Pearl Harbour this EP will hit you harder than you’ve ever been hit before. Not Enough Gold is correctly named when it comes to this six song EP. Six songs finishing up at about 10 minutes makes you wish it were longer. There is just not enough gold (incase you didn’t understand what I meant). It is “chalked full of pissed off, renegade fueled hardcore.” (www.purevolume.com/notenoughgold) I totally agree. Each song is intense and will make you want to dance. Backup vocals on the CD include people from bands such as Fall Out Boy, The Killer, and Sidewalk. All thrown together it will reach out and get in your face. If you enjoy this EP then Comeback Kid is a recommended band to check out if you haven’t already. Otherwise this is just enough gold (terrible jokes) for you to handle for now. This EP will give you a taste as to where some hardcore is headed and it will give you a good idea of what is yet to come as for the music scene and the band."
    Scene It All

    "Chicago’s never been known to boast a very compelling hardcore or punk scene—or at least on a consistent basis. But I guess it would be hard to produce anything really heavy to supplement the legendary industrial outfits that Wax Trax and the Windy City have mustered to usher out into the world. Maybe that’s changed with the onslaught Not Enough Gold is ready to beat out of the city’s inhabitants. Heavier than Ditka’s Bears and more punk-ass than trading Sammy Sosa, Not Enough Gold can unleash a torrent of Maiden-esque riffs or drop down the breaks like some of the legendary youth crew acts used to do, all while cranking the fun knob up to eleven."

    "Not Enough Gold hails from the punk rock scene of Chicago, and their new EP on HeWhoCorrputs Inc. is the fastest weapon you'll ever got to hear for this year. Made of six bullets of less than 2 minutes, the songs fly very fast. Opening track "The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is Everything" is the only track longer than 2 minutes and it is really raw, melodic, screamed and pissed off. Anyhow, the band is able to capute the harmonies and melodies on any tune, and if punk rock is your thing, I am 100% sure Not Enough Gold will make it thorugh your cd-player. The five piece is also helped by some friends doing backup vocals, as Pete Wentx of Fall Out Boy and Luke Gray of The Killer. "The Live & Learn EP" is a fast disc, six songs, no bullshit, just punk rock. Great."
    True Punk

    "Not Enough Gold peddle edgy sounding, metallic hardcore that manages to incorporate everything from circle pit friendly breakdowns to poppy punk to Glassjaw-type discordance within the space of just six tracks and ten minutes. Pretty impressive huh? The production does a good job of giving the band a fairly light, fat-free sort of sound with the guitars ripping things up pretty well. Additionally there’s also some satisfyingly busy drumming binding the whole thing together, giving ‘Live And Learn’ a genuinely frenetic feel. Musically it violently lurches between several (usually) disparate styles - from straight metalcore and a garage rock vibe (they DO hail from Chicago after all), to hipster friendly, spazzy hardcore and melodic, power chord centric punk rock. Thankfully it all blends together very well, with each new direction morphing from the last without ever really jarring the listener or seeming contrived and unnatural. Vocals are handled just as competently, with screeching and high-end howls being the order of the day – a suitable accompaniment to the instrument led action. So everything here hits the mark pretty well, with one notable exception. Some bands do the poetic aggression, sarcastic put downs and blunt abuse in a way that makes you either smile through enjoyment or cower in fear. Not Enough Gold mainly make me cringe in embarrassment a little, in as much as the lyrics sound just a little immature, clichéd, and trite. Stuff like “Fuck your tears babe/ you can’t bring me down/ how did you get that look?/ tell me what you took”, or “I’m leaving brown eyes by my side/ turn so white you think I’d died” just sound like they’re straight from a sixth form nu-metal band. Whether they’re supposed to be so banal and devoid of depth I’m not sure, but I’d like to think this is something that might be honed in time for their next record. Overall, ‘Live And Learn’ is pretty good stuff. It’s energetic, musically fresh sounding, and as a band they could have a rosy future ahead of them. Get this for the music and ignore the lyrics."

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