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    "All Is Lost..." CD

    Release Date: 11/16/04
    Track Listing:

    1. They Say She Died Because She Was Too Honest
    2. Real Teamwork Means You Pull Your Knife Out of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper Into Yours
    3. I Want My Fifty Dollars
    4. Girls That Smoke Gross Me Out To The Max
    5. This Is A Film About A Ghost
    6. I Screamed Alot On October Fifteenth
    7. Chicagi Chicagi I Think I'm Going To Blow My Own Head Off Now
    8. This Is The Worst Time To Run Out of Matches
    9. The Only Attainable Truth That Comes To Mind Right Now
    10. I Guess Moods Just Go With The Seasons Around Here
    11. We Put The Fun In Funeral
    "Tower of Rome is a band that comes close to the antithesis of what is happening in much of the heavy music scene. Instead of watering down anything, or compromising a thing, they move to the other extreme, offering fast, brutal songs. That being said, even though this includes 11 tracks, it’s truly more of an EP, considering half of the tracks are under one minute long and the others just barely break that barrier. Yet it does give a good glimpse into their style and what they’re all about: pure, unabated chaos. The songs all follow a similar pattern: blast immediately into fast, heavy riffing, chaotic drumming, and muffled, urgent screaming. As such, all the songs seem to fit together in tangible pieces, flowing much like a grind album. The screaming is somewhat muffled in the hazy production, giving it an urgent and beaten feel. The production fits well with the style Tower of Rome play, with the dirty feeling surrounding most of the songs helped along by the gritty guitars. In the end, the production could have been made slightly cleaner to make it more crushing, but the dirty, muddy production fits just as well. The songs all end up running together, which is actually a plus here. The songs are set up so as to explode violently at any given moment. “They Say She Died Because She Was Too Honest” immediately moves into a crushing drums driven cacophony of clashing guitars and screaming, slowing down to bring the song into “Real Teamwork Means You Pull Your Knife Out of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper Into Yours” which at 23 seconds only has time to briefly explode before turning into a swirling mass that aptly leads into the next explosion. Needless to say, this brief outlook isn’t so much concerned with variety as a clear display of pummeling passages set up in ever-so-slightly different ways. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, nor does it offer the intensity of some recent grindcore releases (Pig Destroyer for example), but it does show that Tower of Rome have a firm basis for all their music, and have plenty of potential to create excellent destructive music. This will appeal to diehard metal/grind fans, but probably no more, considering its short length and lack of variety. Yet there is something refreshing hearing a strong statement in the form of totally unbridled angst. Tower of Rome make few compromises, and while it’s nothing new or groundbreaking, it makes no qualms about what it is and what it aims to do, and as such it successfully creates a brash, fast and aggressive set of songs."
    Absolute Punk

    "Instantly Tower of Rome was painful to digest. I am sure that is their intent. Very short tracks, high pitched screams and crazy tempo changes combine to bring 11 tracks less than 10 minutes in length. Maybe comparable to something Mike Patton would dream up? I don't know. Fucked up indeed."
    Adrenalin Fanzine

    "God damn... 11 tracks of obscenely frantic and grinding material in a mere nine minutes or so. I'm honestly not that into it at all because I'm just not that big on wild and crazy chaotic riffs with breakneck changes and no real sense of fluidity, but there are some cool parts here. It's usually when they slow it down and hit on some of the chunkier rhythms that I start to take note, as the blaring speeds and dissonant textures just do nothing for me. The vocals are also a rather irritating (though admittedly somewhat unique) high-pitched scream that just kind of cackles away amidst all of the stuttered riffing and blasting drums. There are some generic metalcore-isms at hand as well, of course (typical high-speed chords and chugga breaks with discordant notes galore), not to mention some unexpected bursts of straight experimental noise, but for the most part it's about as caustic as it can get. There's not a whole lot to grab onto, and with few songs hitting the one-minute mark it's over in a flash. "I Guess Moods Just Go With the Seasons Around Here" breaks down nicely and is probably the only song that I really enjoy on this disc, but I wouldn't say I truly dislike anything either, so... The recording is mildly problematic, but my real issue is the songwriting and nothing more. The drums are a little unbalanced and the timing falters sometimes, but the guitars are pretty effective - a little thin, but not too acerbic. And that lets the distorted bass tone have more room to breathe. There's a lack of low-end, though. So... while almost clear, the mix is on the flat side. Not so bad, but a better recording could make some of these songs a little more powerful... those that are walking the fine line between overly messy and jumbled and being fairly solid. The artwork is somewhat odd, using brightly colored and stark statues of Jesus layered over numerous other subtle photographs and textures, with lots of blank brown space and tiny, tiny text that can be quite hard to read. The lyrics are written in somewhat of a stream of consciousness flow and seem to be personal, and while not bowled over I certain cite no quarrels with the content either (It's just damn hard on the eyes trying to read through the stuff!). I kind of feel bad giving this a 5/10 since it looks good and I don't hate it or anything, but that doesn't change the fact that to my ears it's an uneventful CD that really doesn't do anything for me. Sorry."
    Aversion Online

    "11 Tracks. 9:25 minutes long. Loud as hell! Hardcore thrash stuff! Dude! When I first hit play, I almost immediately hit stop. In reality it probably took me 2-seconds to hit stop. I realized quickly I needed to prepare myself for this one. I hadn’t looked at the track listing in details, just noticed in was long, so I expected a very long CD. The cover, showing a statue of Jesus, gave the impression of a very religious, or anti-religious image. But after the first few seconds I heard, I didn’t know what to think. I hit play again and for the next 10-minutes I was yelled at, and totally confused by the energy, the rhythm of the album, and frankly what they were trying to say. Being that it is short, I let it play through again. Now I am starting to dig it! Third time is always a charm. I have no idea what they are singing about, but man, are they pissed about something. So, I give them credit here. These guys pulled off amazing amounts of energy and created this rump kicking masterpiece with songs that range from 20-seconds to a whole 1:20-minutes! You get your ear-full of screaming, string-breaking guitars, and high speed, thrashing drums that somehow pull it all together. I don’t know what else to say! Visit their website, give them a listen for yourself. You are in for an ear blowing experience. "
    Crave Magazine

    "Tower Of Rome are a flashing red bulb, the sun after 3 days indoors, they are a Alberta clipper on wet skin. TOR are an intriguing hardcore phenomenon that garners curiosity for the need to see what they do live. The album is just under 10 minutes with my favorite track being "The Only Attainable Truth That Comes To Mind Right Now" which coincidentally is the longest. TOR utilize rattling snares and deep chugged riffs and incoherent mouthy yelling, much like Neil Perry or Black Cross. Interesting stuff if your in the mood for a 10 minute burst of hardcore energy. You'll dig if you're into the aforementioned bands too."
    Crooked Camera

    "There are two kinds of grind. One is played by dudes, you know the kind, Rake Yohn looking badasses who have the entire metal back catalog, bleed motor oil and pawned their girlfriend's engagement ring to buy their gear. The second kind is one played by kids who care about hygiene and fashion, only know the grind played by Daughters, and are psyched that their moms bought them their LTD guitars, because decent gear would take away $ from their Diesel jean fund. This is that kind of grind. Overly annoying, often silly aggrogrind full of sloppy breakdowns, strangled parrot vocals and inside joke lyrics/titles. Songs rarely breach a minute in length (thankfully) yet that's more than enough time to express very juvenile songwriting and presentation. Kids will eat this up because there's no gutturals and it's unquestionably safe, but no sane person wants to listen to safe grind. Kids have enough of their hands in the declining state of hardcore. Leave this genre to dudes."
    Dead Tide

    "I've been saying it for a long time now. Something is going to have to change in the metal world. While metalcore once was on the bleeding edge, it has now become tired and played out. Tower of Rome could be that fresh air. That is, if you're into 25 second blast beat breakdowns. Their entire 11 track CD amounts to 9 minutes and 25 seconds of music. While, the album (if you can even call it that) has its moments (that little half of a second here and there), it's almost impossible to get into this type of music. To get an idea of what this record is like, take your favorite metalcore breakdown, play it at double or triple speed, and you've got an entire Tower of Rome song. I can't imagine what these guys do at live shows, but they must be great openers. They can play their entire CD in 10 minutes and still have 10 minutes for an encore. "Thank you thank you! And now for our encore, a 10 min medley of EVERY SONG WE'VE EVER WRITTEN!"
    Decoy Music

    "Illinois' Tower of Rome may discourage certain listeners from the get-go. With their paragraph-long album and song titles and (obviously) tongue-in-cheek artwork, someone new to Tower of Rome would think "Oh no, not another pretentious Daughters clone band." But that attitude would change when they put the CD in. Tower of Rome's music can be placed among exceptional grind-influenced technical noise bands such as Ed Gein and The Sawtooth Grin. There are only a few segments that actually sound like (the excellent yet over-cloned) Daughters. (See tracks nine and eleven.) At some times, Tower of Rome even remind me over their label-owners, grind bosses Hewhocorrupts. Vocally, Tower of Rome are extremely high-pitched and (somewhat) agonized. Their singer is comparable to a more low key version of (vastly unnoticed yet awesome) Oktober Skyline's vocalist, or an obnoxious (in the best way possible) version of "The Inalienable Dreamless"-era Jon Chang, but Tower of Rome maintain a Locust-esque delivery throughout the entire album, at times with off-tempo madman rambling reminiscent of Japanese band Swarrrm. The drummer is red-hot behind the drumset, with chopstick-type ratchet click snare pounding, the relentless blast of double bass pedals, and cymbal crashes around every corner. Their guitar and bass play mainly high-pitched, dissonant chords, and chugging "metalcore" riffs, but this band definitely has more of a grind feel than a "tech" one. Understandable lyric complaints do make sense, however. Tower of Rome disappointed me on this level. The song titles and lyrics are simply rewritten, overdone, and pretentious. With song titles like "I screamed a lot on October 15th" and "This is the worst time to run out of matches", and lyrics such as "Don't blame the academy because cough up glass", Tower of Rome seem to be attempting to jump on some sort of Tech-metal bandwagon, trying to become just another band. Hopefully they break this habit soon, because it's really my only complaint. The artwork is a series of Jesus statues, printed so deep into the cover that they make an indentation on the other side of the booklet, but after watching their "Drugs and Drinks" music video (yes, they really do have a video!), you know these guys aren't christians. Clocking in at almost nine and a half minutes, this is a fast, furious and relentless little piece of plastic, which I recommend to fans of any bands previously mentioned in this review. Check it out."
    Delusion Envelope

    "Residing on a label formed by members of He Who Corrupts, you should have little doubt as to how noisy this 11 song, 10 minute ‘album’ is. Strictly for those that become erect listening to the likes of Daughters, As the Sun Sets and The Number 12 Looks Like You, Illinois’s Tower of Rome is your typical spazzed out grindcore played by tight jeaned, short haired hardcore kids. Despite its woeful brevity, All is Lost… packs enough technical, stuttering, staccato sonic epilepsy to make its short length actually welcome. The fit throwing, ranting grind is typically high end, with a few dissonant grooves thrown in, but for the most part, this record plays like an album by The Red Chord played at 45rpm; annoyingly screechy but mercilessly abusive and unrelentingly chaotic. The 11 minutes is more of an experience than an album, as it staggers by with no refrains whatsoever. You actually may miss this album during an ultra long sneeze (you know, the kind of smokers sneeze that tries to throw a cough in, and ends up being about 8 consecutive, painfully productive sneezes) and due to the screeching vocals sounds a lot like said sneeze also, just backed by squealing guitars and blast beats. Tower of Rome are not lacking in intensity, that’s for sure, coming at you with the unpredictability of a crack crazed kitten, but with the fury of a full blown PMS rant-even (again due to the screechy vocals) sounding liked a ultra pissed of female. If Tower of Rome were to lay off the Pibb Xtra for a minute and develop elements like the thunderous breakdown of “They Say She Died Because She Was Too Honest”, or the trembling harmonies of “This Is A Film About A Ghost”, they might be onto something, but as it stands the sheer velocity of their material is actually their weak point. I like my grind core as much as the next man, but much like the Daughters album Canada Songs my enjoyment of the material is surpassed by my disappointment in the length of the album. You can’t help feel slightly ripped off when it’s over, even if you did enjoy it. It's like having a great blow job last only 23 seconds. That being said, the ferocity of the material is undeniable though likely to piss off most ‘true’ metal fans that gauge this as a sort of spazzoid, white belt wearing, bandwagon jumping ‘fashion core’. Truthfully though, musically, it’s no more silly than gore grind, just performed by metrosexuals, it’s just as noisy, offensive and at times pointless, but the sheer tenacity is comparable. If Pig Destroyer played this, you’d all love it. I cant help be impressed by intensity of Tower of Rome’s music, I just wish there was more of it and it was a little more unique and developed."
    Digital Metal

    "By the time you read the album title and all the songs listed, the record is over. Ten songs, nine and a half minutes. God that's good. Illinois' Tower of Rome play a maddening grindcore, with a few breakdowns, and are similar in style to Daughters, Get Fucked, or - for the locals - the amazing, but no-more, Tyranny of Shaw. The vocals are in a Spazz-like power-violence switch of one almost constant, screechy, screamo vocalist, backed up by a deep, death metal growler. It plays out as a near, one song EP, but it really does have some standout tracks, "Real Teamwork Means You Pull Your Knife Out of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper Into Yours", "This is A Film About A Ghost" and "I Guess Moods Just Go With the Seasons Around Here". Nice layout, with cover by artist Nigel Dennis (who has also done work for Deep Elm Records), but the interior color scheme makes (what I think are) the lyrics hard to read. I've been here over an hour, hitting play several times - so you know it's up there, grindcats."
    Feast of Hate and Fear

    "My little brother has a name for the skinny little scenesters in shitty Fisher-Price My First Metal bands -- "Girlpants grindcore" -- because absurd as it sounds, the big thing right now is guys cramming themselves into skin-tight women's jeans. If Tower of Rome ever came to town, they would blow those crybabies right out of their Converse. This nine-minute LP is a landmark in spastic art-grind: faster, screamier, more obnoxious, and just plain eviler than anything that's come before. If you don't like grind, this record won't win you over; but vets will appreciate that they push themselves as hard as they can."
    Hartford Advocate

    "Eleven songs in nine-and-a-half minutes!? Talk about a sucker punch, an audible boot to the skull. This is the basic truth with Tower of Rome's debut disc, "All is Lost, All is Lost, All is Yet to be Found." These Illinois-dwelling, Indiana-bred sound assassins operate with guitars that slash and squeal like a slaughterhouse working on deadline, brutal, blizzard-basting beats and a vomited, tortured form of singing, encompassed in shock-and-awe swoops as quick as 30 seconds and as severely sustained as a minute and a half. Tower of Rome take noticeable glee in making the music lurch and sputter in spots, only to spring forward again with blinding speed like a homicidal jack-in-the-box with an unpredictable spring. Included in this macabre spazmotion is a morbidly cabalistic sense of humor. Though not easily sensed in the actual singing, song titles like "Real Teamwork Means You Pull Your Knife Out of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper Into Yours," "This is the Worst Time to Run Out of Matches" and "We Put the Fun in Funeral" give a good indication. This is no easy pill to swallow. But it is what it is: hard, fast, loud and unequivocally uncompromising. If you really consider yourself a listener of hardcore, you can do no less."
    Journal Review

    "Boring, bad death/grindcore that just bored me. Typical generic screamed vocals with groove and blast beats. The music is uninspiring and the vocals just stink. The songs were flat and just blast into hyperspped and the groove parts were horrible."
    Metal Core Fanzine

    "10 minutes of amazingly crushing music!!! The review ends here actually…if those few words thrilled your guts then you're already set and you can happily spend 8 bucks in this ultra-fast/ultra-catchy Grindcore piece, but if you said "10 minutes only? Bleh…" just hit the back button already."
    Metal Storm

    "Ready? Pull! … moment of silence… BANG BANG. That’s what I’d do with this album. Blow it to bits. Sorry, but this collection of eleven bits of noise –each of them shorter than the average fart in a Mel Brooks movie, are nowhere near of what I consider an enjoyable listening session. Tower Of Rome plays some kind of grindcore, but frankly I don’t care. I hope they don’t care either."
    Munchkin Music

    "So I’ve decided, although it would not make sense for a thrash/grind band to make an album of significant length, an eleven song album of nine minutes and twenty seconds of music does not reserve a standard review. Reasons to listen to this album: TOWER OF ROME is a cool name. 9 minutes is not long, even if you hate it. The low screams remind me of the Josh from THE CHARIOT. It kept my interest, and I don’t really like grind. Super intense, wicked fast, blast beats. Reasons not to listen: It’s grind. It’s only 9 minutes. The high pitched screams remind me of a baby crying. Not just crying in a cute way, in the worst way imaginable., which actually translates to a decent scream. Those damn really long song titles that make no sense but used to be novel, and now are dumb. So in the time you read this, you could have already listened to the album and known what it’s like. It’s grind, it’s a good listen, and has impressive musicianship on it. Try it out, it's only nine minutes. "

    "This looked so emo that I picked it up just to trash it. But things don't always work out the way you want them to. What comes out of the speakers is far from sweaters, thick glasses, and Dashboard Confessional tour shirts. It's a bombastic blend of power violence, blast beats, grindcore, and plain and simple screaming. The only emotion here is being pissed. The drummer bangs so fast, I almost mistook it for a drum machine. The guitar and bass chords are played so fast and fuzzed out with distortion that they melt into one and it becomes one big wall of white noise. The slow parts make you feel like you are being dragged in slow motion through a river of mud. You lose your equilibrium. Eleven songs in a little over nine minutes. A severe beating that you never saw coming and once it's over, you can not indentify the attackers. All you can think is, what just happened?"

    "Grind is a genre I can't quite say I'm an expert at, or that I even truly understand the definition of it. When I think of grind I think of bands like Pig Destroyer, Napalm Death, and Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus. Music that is played at insanely fast speeds, with musicianship that will make you dizzy and vocals so brutal your ears will bleed. Rather or not that describes grind, that's how I would describe the debut album from the Indiana five-piece Tower Of Rome. This amazing band comes to us from the ever powerful Hewhocorrupts Inc., a label notorious for bringing some of the hardest shit around. "All Is Lost, All Is Lost, All Is Yet To Be Found" is an eleven track album that only clocks in at around ten minutes, but amidst it's utter insanity will pack enough punch to make it seem like an eternity. When these guys first started, it was just three dudes rocking out and making some amazing music. They've recently added two new guitarists, and moved their previous guitarist/vocalist to strictly vocals. Your initial reaction to this record will probably be somewhat similar to mine, instant and unadulterated love for this band. The drummer is insane, and his double-kicks on this album are no less than perfect. The guitar riffs are heavy as hell, and blazing fast. Vocally, Tower Of Rome is intense. There is a huge level of chaos present on this cd, but at the same time, once you grow to love it, you will hear a lot of melody buried underneath. They use a lot of distorted sound effects throughout each track, randomly placed, which emit a very dark, very cold feeling. They've got some wicked start and stop sections where they quickly transition from 300 mph down to 5 and then back again. I wouldn't recommend listening to this album while driving down the highway, there's a really good chance you might speed just a tad extra in response to the music, and by speed I mean if you can't hold your grind very well, you might run yourself off the run with this. If you believe that a level of passion is visible in this genre of music, than you will noticeably see it on this cd. Tower Of Rome, while completely destructive, have a lot of substance to their music, and to their style. Their lyrics are really clever, for instance I love the verse "Let's play a game called who changed first, count me out in ten years I would rather look back at the wreck we became", that appears on track 2, which is gracefully entitled "Real Teamworks Means You Pull Your Knife Out Of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper Into Yours". There's not much not to like about "All Is Lost, All Is Lost, All Is Yet To Be Found", it's a solid grind record with serious ass kicking potential. This isn't an album you'll have to listen to a few times before you start to thinks it's alright, when you first pop it in you will be immediately sold. I don't think there was ever any doubt as to the success of this album it coming off of Hewhocorrupts after all, but after hearing Tower Of Rome for yourself, it will just instill deeper into your mind how truly dominant they are. If you can handle music that plays at speeds humans shouldn't even be able to achieve, and you love extreme brutality, then buy this record, you will love it."
    Scene It All

    "I put this short puppy on repeat and soon understood what it felt like to be in crazy, spazz-grind purgatory. Trying my best to avoid eye contact with song titles like "Real Teamwork Means You Pull Your Knife out of My Back While I Push Mine Deeper into Yours", some of the tunes on, um...shit, I'm not typing out that CD title again!...on here is pretty breakneck, but after a few song loops and repetitive spazzery, all the noise and chaos starts to blur together. Similar to the projectile vomit of bands on Robotic Empire Records and (in a big way) The Locust. Just beware of the repeat button! "

    "If playing rock music was judged in the same way as sprinting, Tower of Rome would undoubtedly be perennial Olympic gold medal favorites. From the moment the starter's pistol fires, these four angry lads dart through eleven tunes as if their instruments were blisteringly hot. They hit the finish line at nine minutes and twenty seconds; anyone familiar with Go! will tell you that it's not a world record, but it's a hell of a personal best. All is Lost, All is Lost, All is Yet to be Found follows the grand tradition of Midwestern hardcore/spazzcore darlings MC Ultra, Luke Skawalker, The Killers (not the band you're thinking of) and Charles Bronson. The vocals are high-pitched and scratchy, and spew venom at an indecipherable rate. The drummer matches the speed of any rock band's fastest fill and doubles it for the slow parts, then apparently pulls out two extra arms and uses all four for the faster parts. Most importantly, however, the song titles are long and hilarious -- a true tip of the hat to DeKalb's late-great Charles Bronson. It often takes longer to read the titles than it does to listen to the corresponding songs. Notable ones include: "We Put the Fun in Funeral" and, of course, "Girls That Smoke Grass Gross Me Out to the Max". However, if playing punk music fast is your band's thing, why not be the fastest? "I Screamed a lot on October Fifteenth" has a relatively slow, introspective intro, but the song is only forty seconds long; the verse, bridge and chorus explode forth so quickly that you'll think the band is playing all three parts at the same time. And yet "Chicagi Chicagi I Think I'm Going to Blow My Own Head Off Now" somehow ups the energy level with a twenty second blast of screams and distortion. Before you can even think about glancing at the lyrics, the remarkable "This is the Worst Time to Run Out of Matches" hits speeds not heard since Napalm Death's heyday. But to Tower of Rome's credit, their hardcore blitz is much more fun than any of the horrifying goth musings that grow on the neighboring tree of death metal. What's the point of acting so angry if there's no joviality?"
    Splendid E-Zine

    "Welcome to Tower of Rome's debut MCD; eleven songs in nine and a half minutes. Of course, no band could pull off songs or an album so short unless it was ridiculously dense and intense; which is definitely the category this release falls into. I recently reviewed Tower of Rome's new MCD World War One (2006), and to be honest, I prefer this album. The riffs seem more varied, there are more powerful sections of violence and hardcore punk overtones, and there are a few neck snapping grooves to make the crushingly metallic assault just a tad less agonizing. Production wise, the guitars are a bit more clean, the drums less natural and the vocals very, how should I put this, seagull-ish. Down our way this is what we'd term seagull grind, where the vocalist intentionally puts on the most fucking annoying and ear-piercing type of high yelping vocals possible. Could this be what Tower of Rome intended? Anyway, this release is an adrenaline soaked sonic assault; very impressive for a first release. On the next album we will see Tower of Rome adopt a decidedly more abrasive, dense and dissonant production and riffing style; which personally I don't enjoy quite as much as this. The vocals however are an extremely welcome change from seagull-ary to indiscernible power violence type shrieks (the type that don't make you cringe every time the vocalist makes a noise). Check out the band at www.myspace.com/towerofrome to hear a few of their tunes. If you're into spazz-grind or powerviolence you might be glad you listened to me."
    Thrash Pit

    "My personal surprise for the year 2004 has been TOWER OF ROME. I already heard of these guys, as they released a demo which made me turn into them, but their debut LP is something fantastic. "All is Lost, All is Lost, All is Yet To Be Found" is an 11 song album for less than 10 minutes, which means, it's seriously fast !! The music of TOWER OF ROME is pure grind-core, made of super fast guitar riffs, screaming vocals and straight in your face lyrics. Songs like " are genius, and even tough the band remind me of ENVY, but faster and more furious, these guys have got the talent to go on and keep on releasing quality music. On a side note, the artwork of the disc, made by Electricheat.org, is amazing."

    "Sick of all those records with massive song titles and spazzy, grindcore leanings? Well you had better make room for one more in your life. Tower of Rome isn't just a cool name, they're a good fucking band too. So on record, they sound like someone threw a sack of spanners into a cement mixer. So what? I have no clue what 99% of the vocals are on about (the brown on brown inlay didn't help me much either...). Apart from anything else, the singer sounds like he's been set on fire and is maybe, kind of... enjoying it. The entire twelve track record is over in under ten minutes (Does that count as an album or an EP? ). There are two tracks that run to only twenty three seconds in length. And there's about half a dozen albums worth of ideas and time changes shoe-horned into less time than a Cult Of Luna song. But the thing that really makes them stand out in a genre bursting with wannabes, are all the extra instrumental flourishes that embellish and enhance their sound - not to mention the sheer attention to detail that's been put into the production. Rather than the usual maelstrom of indistinguishable guitars and bass, the experience is one of billowing blast beats, lightning quick fret board action, and frenzied vocal attack work. The guitars really stand out with some great riffing going on in amongst all the chaos. Be witness to all sorts of shrieks and squeaks being throttled out of the poor six strings, acting almost as musical landmarks and reference points for the listeners aural navigation as the tracks blur past like flaming jet fighters. Likewise the bass guitar is hammered to within an inch of it's life, at times simply aping the guitars and at others striking out on it's own for fleeting interludes of thrum and burping showboating. The studio time has been put into full use with a whole orchestra of feedback, white noise, bleeps, and odd sounds occurring throughout; an effect something like the ambient sound of a pitched battle for your ears. It's fresh, well produced, expertly played, and above all for this genre, uncompromising to the max."

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