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    "S/T" CD

    Release Date: 05/02
    Track Listing:

    1. Theme From Mexican Cheerleader
    2. Our Party
    3. Jet Fetish
    4. Magikist
    5. Superfloss
    6. That Took Stones
    7. Ernieshirt
    8. If I Don't Get Off Tonight
    9. Veiny Days and Mondays
    10. The Kids Ruined Rock
    "Balls out punk rock n roll!! Melodic yet tough. Sounds kinda like a beefed up Ramones. Good release. Check these guys out."
    Fresno Hardcore

    "Punk influenced rock jams similar to something that Face to Face or Social Distortion. Very melodic and very likeable. This is something that will hold your attention and keep you excited and ready to hear the next song. Fast jams that will really rock you and leave you smiling!"
    Invisible Youth

    "Fun, party rockinroll shit. music to bob your head and shake your leg too. pete from the legendary chicago punk band oblivion is on vocals so ya gotta give that shit some props. long live the cheerleaders!"
    Layers Magazine

    "You know what's fun? Enter this band's name at Yahoo! and see on which kinda sites you end up! You know what else is fun? This album! This is the self-titled debut album of Mexican Cheerleader, a Chicago-based band with former members of Apocalypse Hoboken. They obviously had a blast recording this album... you can tell that much right from the start during "Theme From Mexican Cheerleader". And they just keep on going from there with great tracks like "Our Party", "Magikist" and "Ernieshirt". Mexican Cheerleader take lots of rock n roll and spice it up with some punk and what you get is an album that is entertaining from start to finish and that is guaranteed to get you moving! Far from original but who gives a fuck when it's fun. Thomas // Score: 7 out of 10"
    Munchkin Music

    "Loud, guitar-heavy rawk with lotsa heart, but something is getting lost in the translation for me. No offense is meant here, as there is nothing tangibly wrong, per se, with this release, but some bands come across better live and I think these guys are one of those bands."

    "It's rare that I actually listen to a review CD more than once or twice, but Mexican Cheerleader has got me hooked. Seriously, what's not to like? Most of their songs make excellent use of driving, hooky guitars, without resorting to simplistic song writing. They have sort of a Randy meets American Steel quality about them that I really like. What's really interesting is that they throw in some classic rock-esque riffs that make the songs more interesting. I recommend this one...very surprising. Now if only they'd bring their live show to Montreal."
    Something For Nothing

    ""I'm a real man, I'm a man!" were the first words out of the speakers, and I immediately knew that Mexican Cheerleader possessed a trait that is impossible to manufacture: manliness. A little dose of sheer masculine force can go a long way in improving even the shoddiest music. Who cares if your band only knows four chords and your singer can't carry a tune in a wheelbarrow? If you can infuse your rock and roll with enough testosterone, pretty much any flaw can be compensated for. Even better, if your band is already passably talented, you can tap into that manliness and watch the real fireworks begin! "Theme From Mexican Cheerleader", this first track, rocks out in full-bearded, hairy-chested glory. Guitar leads rip and roar as the band destroys your speakers in a fit of punk rock fury made palatable by incredible pop sensibility and the aforementioned dollop of male aggression. It's three minutes of pure punk rock bliss: fast, fun, catchy and a little bit dumb. Sure, it's nothing The Ramones didn't perfect, but it's the beginning of one of the best straight punk records to be released this year. The trouble with manliness, of course, is that it doesn't work well with subtlety or surprise. Nothing else on Mexican Cheerleader is as jaw-dropping or as fully realized as the opener -- but that's not to say that the rest of the songs are clunkers. More standouts emerge toward the album's end, including the wonderfully sloppy "Ernieshirt" and the bombastic rocker "Veiny Days And Mondays". No single song is weak or poorly executed; it's just that the intensity level fluctuates a bit. As previously mentioned, Mexican Cheerleader won't be appearing on the list of Great Musical Innovators of the 21st Century -- and with thousands of other punk rock bands taking up shelf space and filling concert slots, these fellows will likely elicit a yawn from many. Such is the consequence of exploited genres and a desensitized listening populace. However, as your friendly neighborhood rock reviewer, I'd like to take this moment to inform you that Mexican Cheerleader is heads, shoulders, and numerous other body parts above their punk rock peers. Most punk bands today have fallen away from the traditions of the style, and the few respectable ones left have allowed their output to degenerate into rote political whining (pick an Epitaph band) or have refused to develop artistically (see the last Face To Face record). Mexican Cheerleader shies away from the battle cries of commercialized nonconformity, while keeping their music interesting, fresh and -- if all else fails -- manly enough to warrant future listening. Is Mexican Cheerleader a complex work of genre-bending excellence? No. Is the songwriting strong? Yes indeed. Will the record ever be viewed as a classic? Probably not. But is it one of the best punk rock albums to hit the streets this year? Most definitely."
    Splendid E-Zine

    "One part DC hardcore, one part rock 'n roll, one part punk rock, Mexican Cheerleader brings a lot to the table. There are some cheesy sing-alongs and some dopey lyrics, but I can tell this is a band that is out to simply have fun and that is nice to see. Track two, "Our Party" is a far superior party theme song to Andrew WK (am I the only one on earth who can't stand that guy?), and track seven "Ernieshirt" is very thought provoking - when I hear this song, I think, what the hell is an ernieshirt? This is a pretty good album...keep the rock 'n roll coming."

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