7/28/17 - Busier

12/1/16 - Way stoked

8/9/16 - Ambient Chill

3/14/16 - Sewerage


  • Indie Merch
    "Is Jinxed" CD

    Release Date: 08/00
    Track Listing:

    1. Maps & Continents
    2. Eton Beds And Concrete Floors
    3. Jealous Sun
    4. Wheel In Motion
    5. Drive
    6. Unlucky August
    7. Time Stop
    8. Another Movie About Relationships
    9. Trip Fall Stand
    10. Failure: Grand Rapids
    "John Brown Battery sound very much like many bands out of California between 1993-1995; which is to say they sound like a dirty version of Jawbreaker. This CD fits the profile: bad recording, lots of emotion and intensity to make up for it and the signature guy who can't sing but somehow always pulls it off without sounding like an imbecile. This CD is a great listen, especially when so many of the records I review sound like the Get Up Kids. This is honest, intelligent Ebullition sounding emo hardcore and it's pretty fantastic."
    Alarm Press

    "While this isn't raging anarcho thrash, it's still damn good. I guess this would be classified as indie, because it's not as tough as punk, but its still underground, so who knows. The music reminds me a bit of Leatherface or something to that extent. I dunno, definitely check this out if you think hardcore is too tough for you."
    Caustic Truths

    "Differing from the usual method of reviewing releases chronologically, I'm reviewing this CD after having reviewed a much more recent EP. In fact, this album was recorded nearly three years ago in 1999. Much like the bands they remind me of, Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike, John Brown Battery have a rawer, throatier sound in their earlier songs. They still pull off the melodic blend of rock and hardcore with rough vocals, but it just seems rawer in this earlier form of their sound. Even though this CD came out a few years ago, fans of this style should still hunt this one down."
    Invisible Youth

    "This band would set well on a bill with Small Brown Bike and Hot Water Music. Thick and melodic music that changes enough to keep rocking and show more sides than having the amps on ten all the time. When it roars it's blistering, then they tone it down a bit with prettier clean parts. The singer sounds like he's in pain, coughing up guttural syllables as if his life depends on you hearing them. Actually sounds a lot like HWM but a rawer, house show type version of the band. It would probably be a fun show to see."
    Media Reader

    "Yet another emocore band. If you dig this stuff, you'll be creaming your jeans over this. Me, I find dipping my finger in habanero chile and jamming it into my eye repeatedly to be less painful and loads more entertaining."

    "J.B.B. is to music what that bully was to you in high school. A swift kick in the pants. If you like Hot Water music or Small Brown Bike, then please take note! THROW those records AWAY (wellŠnot the S.B.B.) because operators are standing by to fill your orders for the latest from the Battery. Chicago style "emo"-core. Sure some say the lyrics are bogus, but those mags have been uncool for years. JBB is a knife waiting to pierce your flesh. This and their 7" are required items. Get them N-O-W!"
    Schell Fanzine

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