7/28/17 - Busier

12/1/16 - Way stoked

8/9/16 - Ambient Chill

3/14/16 - Sewerage

Busy Boys
DL (HWC049)

BUSY BOYS is the second release from CHICAGO new wave / punk duo NEW DOUGS with several collaborations from old and new friends resulting in a more diverse and mature record from an already solid debut - see STOKED DL. At times light and other times heavy-hearted, BUSY BOYS is another catchy well crafted record from this now family of musicians.

DL (HWC048)

Formed by two long time friends of the label, NEW DOUGS is an infectiously catchy NEW WAVE / PUNK duo from CHICAGO with ties to SIG TRANSIT GLORIA, THE BROCKMEYERS, and ETERNAL FLAMES. STOKED is a 7 song matured melding of all the forementioned bands yet a refreshing extension sure to produce much more excellent material in the future.

DL (HWC047)

Long time friend of label Scott Thomson (ex - CHICAGO THRASH ENSEMBLE, IRON REMINDERS, LITTLEMAN COMPLEX, LETTERBOMBS, and WAYOUTS) is back with more music...this time in the form of a solo noise project. BARREN COUPLES debut is a 4 song collision of sounds that we like to describe as AMBIENT CHILL NOISE...possibly the appropriate soundtrack for sitting alone in a dark basement while ignoring your family. Too harsh? Then don't listen to noise.

Tape / Dropcard (HWC046)

SORESPOT is a CHICAGO 4-piece w/ mbr of CANADIAN RIFLE outputting a unique blend of noisy lo-fi alt punk. Dual female / male vocals to a back seat to loud guitars and catchy melodies. At times more atmospheric, Sorespot's music is a welcomed addition to Chicago's growing list of locals attempting to differentiate.

Demo 2015
Tape / Dropcard (HWC045)

BAD MECHANICS are a lo-fi scatter-brain punk two piece from CHICAGO made up of former mbrs of GALACTIC CANNIBAL and HEWHOCORRUPTS. Think DEVO, NO MEANS NO, and THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS and you'll probably get something close to BAD MECHANICS. BAD MECHANICS' debut release "DEMO 2015" is a four song demo tape w/ drop card.

Caustic Surge of Weary Oceans
Tape / Dropcard (HWC044)

On their debut album "CAUSTIC SURGE OF WEARY OCEANS" MOUNTAIN LANGUAGE showcases all aspects of their work within this relatively short 40 minute cassette. Sparse howled vocals, heavy drumming, thick riffs, and aggro noise blasts sprawl across the release with a reckless abandon, all the while wearing their influences (whether that be the industrial carnage of SWANS or the horrifying works of HAROLD PINTER) on their sleeve.

Impure Gold, Pt. II
DL (HWC043)

The second and final audio installment of the multi-media project, part two finds Woods in a state of heavy drones. Walls of distortion and almost familiar field recordings are collected above slowly growing synths and high end sine wave attacks. Sparse, minimal, and infused with a muted sense of terror.

Impure Gold, Pt. I
DL (HWC042)

While he splits his time equally between curating shows, running a label and playing in numerous groups, Peter J. Woods' solo work resides within its own universe. Pulling equally from the worlds of harsh noise and absurdist theatre, Woods' performances build a sense of terror from simple imagery, muted text and an unpredictable barrage of silence and sound. HWC Inc. is proud to release the digital version of "Impure Gold, Pt. I", one piece of a multi-media project that includes writing, theatre, concerts, photography and film.

Odd Bird
Tape / Dropcard (HWC041)

On his debut solo record, "Odd Bird", Chicago's Little Dave Merriman (mbr of The Arrivals, Treasure Fleet, Textbook Committee) extends himself with an eclectic mix of folky, upbeat jams that would cause even the surliest of sparrows to cackle with cheer. He plays nearly every instrument on nearly every song on the record (sans a couple), wrapping his dynamic songwriting and infectious hooks in a landscape of his making. It’s like peering right into his Aquarian brain. "Odd Bird" is the output of Little Dave expanding beyond his punk roots, exploring optimism, and building on a body of work that is 20 years in the making.

Demo Tape
DL (HWC039)

1 tablespoon Ramones, 1/2 cup of Misfits, and 1 teaspoon Man is the Bastard...that's the make up of the Chicago/Milwaukee identity crisis who go by the name Galactic Cannibal. Their first release "Demo Tape" is a four track appetizer to a full length to come out later in 2013. Interested in some experimentation in your pop punk? Tired of listening to pop punk bands redo the same thing that every pop punk band before them did? If so, Galactic Cannibal may be the refreshment you're seeking.

From Static and Misery
Tape / Dropcard (HWC038)

DEADLEVEL is a two piece Chicago based industrial / sludge band. Members John Finaldi and Jason Zdora have collaborated in numerous punk bands since 1997 including Suburban Refugee, Pronounced Dead, Kungfu Rick, Chronic Bleeding Syndrome, Destroy the Foundation, and Pit of Spikes. "From Static and Misery" is DEADLEVEL's 5 song debut release, spewing forth a maniacal blend of static, distortion, screams, drums, and guitars. This cassette with dropcard release is limited to 100 copies!!!!

Monsters of the Midwest
DL (HWC037)

Approximately a year and a few babies later the five baseball hat donning thrash unit known as Chicago Thrash Ensemble is back in the batter's box with their second official release "Monsters of the Midwest". Released physically in 2011, HWC Inc is now making the digital format of "Monsters of the Midwest" available to sport and metal fans everywhere - even Packer fans. Deal oriented consumers take note...this release features six new tracks plus the seven tracks from the band's 2010 "S/T" release. Keep thrash dreams alive for these men and feed the string section's children!

Cosmic Despair
DL (HWC036)

Wastelanders is a Chicago based solo side project by Dean Costello, also of Harpoon, Diatribes, and Winters in Osaka. This second release finds Costello exploring the unfathomable depths of Cosmic Despair. The 53 minute epic expands and contracts, drifting on through a woefully auspicious expanse of ambient, vocal-less guitar and organ suites. Textures condense and grow, gradually coming forth, and as the album unfolds it builds in depth and dimension. Waves of spacious flotation accompanied by trolling, lulling bass frequencies lead us head first into the glorious abyss.

Tired Ghostly Town
Tape / Dropcard (HWC035)

HWC Inc's first folk release courtesy of the brilliant Al Scorch and his delectable backing country soul ensemble!! This limited to 100 cassette with digital download release entitled “Tired Ghostly Town” is quite the pleasure from start to finish. Grafting literate, character-driven song craft and Mid-American roots with a post-punk DIY attitude, Chicago-based songwriter, Al Scorch charts a new musical topography with a five-string banjo and country soul ensemble. Check it out!

Second: Cat Fight
Tape / Dropcard (HWC034)

Lasers and Fast and Shit plow through five frantic and occasionally dancey garage-punk numbers on their limited to 100 copy HWC Inc debut. This is their first release with new guitarist Colin Dekuiper (Follows, Bloodiest, Office, Old Fake, Russian Circles). Though nothing can match the band's live show, this release should surely provide one with calming respite till the next performance. Indulge!

DL (HWC033)

A blazing one song solo release masterpiece from the desk of the calm and collected pillar of extreme noise acts Eunuchs, Chicago Thrash Ensemble and Hewhocorrupts - Mr. Caz U.L. Friday. Caz U.L. has put together quite the instrumental grindcore opera on this 19+ minute release. Mr. Friday has asked that 100% of revenues from this release go directly to Paws Chicago - the city’s largest No Kill humane organization, focused on implementing solutions to end the killing of homeless pets.

Tape / Dropcard (HWC032)

Chica X's latest and greatest batch of experimental pop hip-hop - limited to 100 tapes. Born in East Moline, IL on January, 20th 2000, Chica X was destined to find her way into music through her parents - Jorge and Amber - joint owners of a record shop/music venue and band mates in experimental group Eyes. Check out the most accomplished 12 year old we know - Chica X!

Rid the World
DL (HWC031)

The full length follow up to Tension Generation's Youth Destroyer EP further develops the band's knack for combining head splitting vocals with melodic rhythms. The release features artwork by the masterful sketching talents of Rick Leech. Tension Generation have chosen the Doug Meis Gifted Artists of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund at the Music Institute of Chicago as their charity for this release. The fund provides financial support and inspiration to students who demonstrate the potential and determination to pursue a professional career in music.

DL (HWC030)

Hailing from the circle city by way of Kokomo, IN, Full Rainbow is a catchy, fun, yet ferocious stoner punk band who has logged thousands of miles across the US over the past couple of years. Previously called the Sorely Trying Days, the band decided to change their name after surviving a powerful summer storm and witnessing the beauty of a vibrant, complete rainbow in its aftermath…how epic is that??? With one full length down as the STD’s, this is their first recorded output under the new moniker.

That Ghost is Always With Me
DL (HWC029)

Cloud Mouth's first and final full length release. Assiduous in their application of DIY ethos, the band performed their brand of screamy punk throughout the US and Southeast Asia before calling in quits in 2011. Cloud Mouth has asked that half of each sale of this release be donated to Chicago Hopes - an initiative within Chicago Public Schools which empowers students to succeed academically despite the challenges of homelessness.

On Their Hinds Like Men
DL (HWC028)

The final release from this dense, thrashy, and complex melodic metal four-piece. LWAC's musical base comes from numerous influences that range from the intensity of DIY/punk bands like His Hero is Gone and Discharge to the intricate riffing found in early At the Gates and Lethargy. The band will be donating half of each sale from this release to a friend facing financial hardship due to her battle with cancer.

DL (HWC027)

In an age where complexity is king in metal music, Chicago Thrash Ensemble standout with their minimal but masterful execution. CTE is a modest group of middle age males provides pummeling tune after tune whose every cymbal catch to dive bomb is intended and deserving of your attention. CTE have chosen Silver Lake Conservatory as the charity that will receive half of each sale from this release. The mission of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music is to facilitate basic music education, offering private music lessons at a reasonable cost and granting scholarships to children in need.

DL (HWC026)

Shopping's final release of minimal, unpretentious, and gritty punk rock. The band features ex members of La Mantra De Fhiqria, Chauncey, and The Imposters. Shopping have chosen Connections for Abused Women and their Children as their charity for this release. CAWC is committed to ending domestic violence by using a self-help, empowerment approach, providing shelter for women and children, and counseling, advocacy, and a 24-hour hotline for people affected by domestic violence.

Youth Destroyer
DL (HWC025)

The first release from this straight forward, no nonsense punk band from our backyard - Chicago. Youth Destroyer establishes the band's formula of angry lyrical content backed with melodic rhythms which they further refine in their later material. Tension Generation have chosen the Doug Meis Gifted Artists of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund at the Music Institute of Chicago as their charity for this release. The fund provides financial support and inspiration to students who demonstrate the potential and determination to pursue a professional career in music.

Ishmael's Wishlist
DL (HWC024)

The debut release from this female fronted Singapore-based five piece. Noisy, bouncy, choppy are our three go to adjectives to describe the eclectic and musically complex sound of The Psalms. Like many of their Singapore peers, The Psalms take on aggressive music is quite unique and refreshing. The Psalms have asked that all proceeds from this release be donated to ACRES, a non-profit who focuses on improving the treatment of animals in Singapore.

7" / Dropcard (HWC023)

A well-executed mash up of two of Chicago’s more notable enterprises of loudness. The vinyl portion of the release includes one song each by both bands. The accompanying digital card provides additional bonus material. This is Harpoon’s (ex 7000 Dying Rats/Lair of the Minotaur) first release with a bass player. As well, Locrian collaborates with Andrew Sherer of Velnias.

7" / Dropcard (HWC022)

Loud, weird, frantic, angular...97-shiki. This is the bands 5 song debut featuring a drop card with bonus track. This entire record was recorded, mixed, mastered, screened, and assembled by the band. These songs were originally released alongside a few others on an exclusive cassette tape for a Asia tour the band embarked on in late 2008.

Dead Living
7" / Dropcard (HWC021)

Total Chicago whackyness...total DIY...totally Parsley Flakes!!! This is the bands debut EP. Many describe their sound as a mix between Devo, Crass, and The B-52's. But however you want to describe them, one things for sure - they are hard to categorize and a blast to watch and listen to!!!

Feculent Emesis
7" / Dropcard (HWC020)

Playing schizophrenic music that's infused with politically and socially charged sing-a-longs, Rager has quickly emerged as a favorite within the Chicago punk scene. What began as a metal influenced hardcore band has branched out considerably since their inception in 2006, writing songs in which ever style they see fit. Be it hardcore, punk, death metal, or Big Daddy Kane, Rager draws influences from all corners of music creating songs that make metal kids pogo and pop punk kids headbang. Experience it all here on their debut "Feculent Emesis"!!!

Life Songs in a Land of Death
CD (HWC019)

Plague Bringer is a duo from Chicago who's music is an assault of programmed bulldozer blast beats, de-tuned stabbing guitars and savage animalistic vokills, yielding a relentless blend of spastic electronic carnage. They continue to be a devastating presence in the metal underground converting skeptics of the drum machine genre into believers in the Plague. The highly praised "Life Songs in a Land of Death" is a must to experience.

The Longue Durée
CD (HWC018)

Super strong debut full length sure to leave its mark. "The Lougue Durée" picks up where the band's initial offering "Lost in Landscapes" left off, further refining the Holy Roman staples: strong vocals, intricate guitar work, and all around well crafted songs.

Season In Hell
CD (HWC017)

The rat attack is back dropping another block of ball busting sewage anthems upon us! By far their best effort to date, Season in Hell proves that xylophones, cow bells, and songs about pretentious record store employees have their place in extreme music. Get ready, 2007 marks the return of the rat!!!


As any high performing organization would, Hewhocorrupts continues to out perform past offerings by putting forth a bold and innovative new 3" credit card sized CDEP, appropriately titled Microeconomics. Further capitalizing [no pun intended] on their 2006 strategic marketing campaign "Knowing Your Wallet", Microeconomics has pushed packaging standards, opting to be incased in an actual wallet instead of the industry standard jewel case. Complete with a receipt, wallet size band photos, and the ever so important business card, analysts have already started to recast HWC earnings predictions for the 4th quarter.

LP (HWC015)

Even though they don't play the most accessible music -- an instrumental amalgam of punk, metal, indie-rock and even prog -- Russian Circles have it. "Enter," their debut album, definitely doesn't sound like a new band clumsily over-thinking their songs, but instead it sounds like one cohesive composition in six movements. Each movement holds its breath through the intense moments, but exhales through sweeping, airy horizons that slowly collapse into dense panoplies, showcasing the band's shifting dynamics, and not just the binary code of loud /quiet.

World War 1

The crushing follow up to their widely acclaimed debut CD, "All Is Lost...". "WW1" picks up where "All Is Lost..." dropped off, bolstering thicker production courtesy of engineer Jeremy Lemos (Hewhocorrupts, Kungfu Rick) and mastering guru Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) and a more mature song writing approach. Find out why TOR has become one of the most hyped bands in extreme music today. Less sass more blast!

May You Only See Sky

Trading in their pickup trucks and acoustic guitars for battle axes and beards, (Lone) Wolf & Cub waste no time in laying exactly that...waste...metal waste. Whether they're in the back yard training attack dogs or rubbing rocks together to ignite the fire for their next meal of meat, these men have one thing on their mind, destroy the living and devour the maggots that seek their flesh!!!!

Get Ready (Re-Issue)
CD (HWC012)

The long awaited reissue of this classic record featuring 3/4ths of the now influential instrumental act Pelican. The re-issue includes a complete remix and master of the record, plus six new live tracks, new artwork courtesy of Aaron Turner (Hydrahead | Isis), and a new enhanced section with a music and live video. Get ready...again!

Lost In Landscapes

What can you say about this one? These former members of The Suicide File, Shai Hulud, Arma Angelus, and Killing Tree draw upon influences as wide-ranging as Sunny Day Real Estate, Quicksand, Failure, and Seaweed to crank out six gems on their debut EP.

Live & Learn

Live and learn folks. Chicago's Not Enough Gold release their first offering, chalked full of pissed off, renegade fueled hardcore. Crafty guitar work complimented with tongue-in-cheek lyrics provide ammo for this short but sweet thrash attack. Backup vox by members of Fall Out Boy, The Killer, and Sidewalk.

All is Lost...
CD (HWC009)

Spazztic...yes...live...amazing...album...11 songs in under 10 minutes. That's about all you need to know. These IN natives blow through their songs with a mind numbing combination of 1000 mph blast beats and battering breakdowns that are sure to rip the white belts off any spock rocker. Pick up the disc and get dat ass kicked!!!

Get Ready
CD (HWC008)

Tusk blasts through nine devestating tracks of no wave destruction. Their music is a bombardment of experimental guitars and double bass mania with vocals that are about as subtle as getting run over by a semi truck. Members of Tusk also play in Pelican (Hydra Head Records).

Don't Face A Problem... Burn It
CD (HWC007)

The equation is finished. Stillwell unleashes their first full length record, five years in the making, and their best material to date. Hailing from Chicago, Stillwell play crazy math rock/post-hardcore music that's catchy and danceable.

CD (HWC006)

No other act in Chicago brings the rock like MC. It's raw, it's hard, and it's done right. Combining humorous rants, blistering guitar riffs, and thrashing drums, Mexican Cheerleader rips through ten ragers on their self-titled full length debut.

Paul, The Album
CD (HWC005)

Well played pop punk, catchy riffs and fun lyrics make the Brockmeyers' full length a must own. Though the band broke up way too soon their songs will be remembered. Make sure to check out the members in their newly formed projects!

7" (HWC004)

There is just too much going on here. On one side you have the helicopter grind kings, Tusk, from Chicago tearing their way through two tracks of wind tunnel metal. On the other side, the corporate skundrels from the Chicago loop district unleash their bank accounts on you with four tracks about young boys and such. A definite must for fans of the fast pace, brick in the face, sound. This release marks some of the earliest recorded material for both bands.

Elmhurst vs. Villa Park
CD (HWC003)

One of the better documentations of one of the larger punk scenes in the Chicagoland area, Elmhurst and Villa Park. A must for anyone from these towns and a good taste for others.

Is Jinxed
CD (HWC002)

Awesome release from this now defunct band from the North Side of Chicago. Comparisons have been made to Hot Water Music and Jawbreaker. This record features ten songs of full throttle rock music that doesn't let down. Three vocalists edging in and out with gruff voices over well crafted songs. Definitely and must for fans of the emotional rock vein.

Hit Squad EP

Ex-members of Kungfu Rick, APB, and Last in Line dish out five tracks of high speed thrash. Members of this band currently play in Hewhocorrupts as well. Though the band went on to release other records, "The Hit Squad EP" marked the bands first major release. These tracks were re-released on a split LP with the legendary Detroit hardcore act, The Necros. That record is also out of print.

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